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Hairbraiding & hairweaving hairextensions near amsterdam

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Are you looking for a hair weaving extension specialist ?  Kappen now by Joice is the ultimate source for hair additions and weave extensions in The Netherlands for black & Caucasian hair.   Weave extensions are a simple and  natural looking way to ad volume and length. Hair weaving is an traditional African hair extension-technique that has been refined in the course of time for application on European hair. Using strands of hair, thin subtle cornrows are tightly laid on the head to which the wefts of real human hair are sewn. As a result the hairweave falls nicely, natural and not visible between your own hair. Hair weaving is the most popular, safest and cheapest manner to give your hair more volume and make it more  beautiful, longer and fuller. On average a weave extension stays in between two And three months. This method is the healthiest form of attaching hair for long term wear. Trendy African hairdresser with 16 years of experience uses the finest weaving technique available. Applying  the wefts takes about 2 hours and costs 50 euro’s, including cutting & styling. The price of human hair extensions depends on the desired length and quality. These can obtained at the salon or be taken along by yourself. * also specialized in braids, dreads, cornrows, black & Caucasian hair, relax, curly, straighten, weaving – wefts, styling & modeling , colouring, etc. For more information you can call, send an e-mail or visit us at : Kappen now by JoiceStationstraat 62 (1 minute walk from the Alkmaar central train station, NOT the Africa shop).1815 TD AlkmaarT 072 5111844            E * Alkmaar central station is half an hour by train from Amsterdam Central station. When you exit the train station, on your left side (opposite where the busses depart) you will see the “Stad en land hotel”, this is where the Stationstraat starts, you enter this street and continue to number 62 (there’s a flag outside) Experience your hair like you’ve never thought possible at the Kappen now by Joice Salon. Hope to see you,Thanks, Joice  Reageer nu!


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